A Quick Note

As a quick note: I'm scribbling furiously so as not to lose any bit of my intention I caught it running circles somewhere in my chest I grabbed it and now am forcing it onto paper: As a quick note: You are lovely from top to bottom and from bottom left to bottom right and … Continue reading A Quick Note


Breathing Heavy

I’m running in circles around the quiet padded room of my mind not in an insane way in an effort to tire my thoughts out reeling incessantly through the checklists of propriety making sure that they are correct, right, something set to a standard, and I can’t fuckin’ write, it’s all blocked up, like watching … Continue reading Breathing Heavy

A wave

The curious thing about people, human beings, other than their innate desire to take everything around them spin it thin and flexible, twist it up, and tie it around themselves, is the fact that every one of them: blue, green, brown, hazel, cataracts, the greased windows to the soul, every one of them: Cancer, HIV, … Continue reading A wave

Upon Studying My Exhalation

It has been a wonderful string of months working with Dorrance Publishing and watching this book slowly come to life. I will say that there were many day spend pouring over my computer trying to find the right way to phrase e-mails to the editors and cover designers; looking for the right words to describe … Continue reading Upon Studying My Exhalation

Olive Green [thought cycle]

Olive Green, quiet cotton, pressed feet, written about who knows who. never that that is so close to me. and why, why that dreams are always "Come to me that which I do not want." Not nightmares, nightmares misunderstood as humans passed us; Olive Green, light through glass, unsure of deep set symbolism, sometimes the … Continue reading Olive Green [thought cycle]

Infinite Pieces of Your Soul

“I just want to find that… thing, y’know?” “kid, you’re not going to ever find it.” “what do you mean? Why do you always lack faith in me? Why is there this secret part of you that always wants to push my desires down my throat?” “Because kid, you’re young. You’re filled with too many … Continue reading Infinite Pieces of Your Soul