Re: her

For what will have happened Reciprocation bends her thinly plumaged swan neck and Every pore starts to pulse with the anticipation of well earned sweat;Loving kindness, manifested through honest Hazel eyes;One piece of ethereal folded soul, slowly and surely reaching out to the Completion of itself, where glances and tones cross and criss-cross, thenAlabaster and earth … Continue reading Re: her

Waiting For it to Pass

I don't know I'm just holding on to something a marble perhaps, pressed sweaty into the tendons of my palm and it's displacing heat, it's cooler than I would have thought, or maybe my palm is simply heated with upset words seem to bombard me from all sides and I wish that I had a … Continue reading Waiting For it to Pass

Theory About Time (Revisited)

years ago I had a theory about time, that it was much like a standing glass of water, no ice, sitting on a quiet oak table ringed with the wear of the world, and for each human a seperate glass, a seperate table, unique in their own tear and make. The theory persisted that time … Continue reading Theory About Time (Revisited)

Dust and Glass

"You get this look, you know, you're too old, kid." Always the two of us sitting; this time commercialized coffee shops hug the seats of our pants; he'd say 'britches' with a couple more shots working slowly from gut to brain. Fingers his cigarette nails cracked up the sides, little white dots on them, read … Continue reading Dust and Glass