Wine and Vinegar

"At the end of the day all my conscience can experience is limited to what is in my own mind, so, why should I care at all what happens inside the minds of others?" penned quietly with the pads of fingers unknown to my device of primary communication, "I can't say that you need to … Continue reading Wine and Vinegar


75% Human

Of course there are the stereotypes that we fill every capsule that we are given that we assume the boundaries of our life what we are poured into we are contained by; that when we flow freely, we cleanse and take with us that which is impure allowing it to be in us, not of … Continue reading 75% Human

Collapsed Within Time

Something beautiful and unexpected happens When two souls press together, Some part of time loosens it's grip and, If bouth souls are quick enough, They can press away from the vice of each tick. Pursuing for several undefined units of measurement, something beautiful and lasting. Something soft and unspoken. A cloud, [or what one imagines … Continue reading Collapsed Within Time

If Sex Were Something Else…

If sex were drinking, you would know that I am a finger of whiskey poured at arm's length into a rocks glass tossed down the throat, A burn in the gut some instant of fire a celebration of a moment that lingers in the mind. If sex were conversation, you would know that I'm a … Continue reading If Sex Were Something Else…

Little Figurine of a Lion (revisited)

You have wide eyes, they were probably supposed to be fierce, but I guess cultural differentiation and perspective allow me to see them as I will, old and filled with knowledge that could have once been applied but now sits silently with no pupil to hear of its secrets. Your face maybe snarled, once, but … Continue reading Little Figurine of a Lion (revisited)