Self Portrait 1

Sitting still in the quiet of the snoring deep back ex-study,purpled sky double down and pockedSnow packed and drifty as dreams on the tongueSqueachy rubbersoled double-knot weatherproof winterboots ooze their trekked tale slowly into the carpets ear;looking for, no, sifting through the... stop.rummaging around between folds of grey matter, electricity,¬†somewhere between there seems to be … Continue reading Self Portrait 1

Sleeping Fish, Freezing Pond

Right hand is white knuckles on the porcelain tile of the bathtub. clenching the strenght out of myself; easing out of a warm dream, into air. Left hand is taught up against the cheeks, pinching the nose as it goes, feeling the rush of non-bodily fluids and the oil of the face, creating a heterogeneous … Continue reading Sleeping Fish, Freezing Pond