Kiss (x4)

The kiss on my cheek, I lay quiet, pulling the heavy duvet over my crunched body becoming something more of a bean than a being: and soft and soft and soft and soft all four quickly in succession across the thin, David Bowie shape of my jaw it's impossible to tell which is what or … Continue reading Kiss (x4)



via Daily Prompt: Blossom Standing in the locker room waiting for it all to hush fabric rubbing tightly against arms there's no way in hell this shit is a towel Maybe it could pass for a thin, white brillo pad; arms sawdust, chest hurricane, kneecaps slowly turning marble; exhalation; thoughts slow, water falls infinitely, imagining … Continue reading Blossom

The Unnamed Black of Night

deep jet black evening I'm settled on a trampoline noting in my mind how the liquid in the air distills as if the mason jar of time, once filled with ice, is now sweating onto my skin slowing sound, slowing light, slowing the imaginary workers as they dig permanent creases along my mouth; I'm feeling … Continue reading The Unnamed Black of Night

If Sex Were Something Else…

If sex were drinking, you would know that I am a finger of whiskey poured at arm's length into a rocks glass tossed down the throat, A burn in the gut some instant of fire a celebration of a moment that lingers in the mind. If sex were conversation, you would know that I'm a … Continue reading If Sex Were Something Else…


The sparkling, dangerous, never-ending pull, the definition of down being so dependent, every molecule effected, changed, changing, [will change?] Science never was 100% at predicting outcomes. The molecules of my mind, this ink, the paper, your eyes, all pulled by this ballpeen hammer on a shoestring flung over the edge of a bridge. And What's … Continue reading Gravity


Imagine, if you would, a single speck floating in the deep darkness out there somewhere. I do this sometimes. I sit on my man-made, concrete balcony in West Palm Beach, Florida; I smoke a camel cigarette. Occasionally I look over at the man who lives across from me. His name is Samuel. Today he is … Continue reading Speck