The Solution of Us

I'm quietly looping A race car driver Turning the left curves of my mind Tracing and racing my way to the solution of us The solution of who you and I could be Knowing that something magnetic Is pulling me ever closer to you To your lips Your teeth To your tongue To the sound … Continue reading The Solution of Us


“nothing or too much”

"Hey, where've you been?" "What do you mean, kid, do you man like in all of my life? Cuz' I've been everywhere; Vegas, L.A., Santa Fe, New York-" "No, I mean where have you been the past weeks? "Well, I'm not sure if you are aware of this but I do live in the trunk … Continue reading “nothing or too much”


Quiet, soft stardust Encompassed, floating within the mind. The brain is considered home Neurons are sparking electric children The skull is some kind of false barrier. What is there to hold that which is made of Infinite folds beginning and ending nowhere. Colored some ever transforming shade From the center of my forehead I pluck … Continue reading Reminder…