Dreams Of Old

In between the words you left me falling through, quiet eyelids turned fluttering butterflies, ethereal and unimaginable flashes of thought come to focus as though through the twitching lens of a steady gruff hand -so old it has whiskers on the fingers- color created within the steady isolation of the mind not without where it … Continue reading Dreams Of Old

3 Part Dreaming

Woke up sweating from sleep, hot as hell in the room, peeled my face off the pillow and sat up, heard the old man inside of me, crochety old cuss, mumbling something about antacids and aftershaves, he usually sleeps soundly but sometimes he mumbles about old wars and politics. Heard the dad inside of me … Continue reading 3 Part Dreaming


What's strange is how you can find any person beautiful the longer you look at them, they don't even have to be in the room but if you've spent that time if your eyes have met their eyes for patterns of seconds then you can see their beauty, that God-given spark inside, something aflame that … Continue reading Beautiful