Thinking Inkly: Understanding

Currently thinking about the twists and turns of life; ruminating (attempting to reclaim the connotation of the word to be positive or perhaps neutral) on the uncanny idea that something so seemingly insignificant could have such an effect on a life. We begin at a source of information, an event that is current, or recently … Continue reading Thinking Inkly: Understanding

How To Eat The World

Step 1: Wash your hands. This will ensure that you will not get yourself sick, the world is a disgusting place, full of bacteria and viruses and washing hands WITH SOAP is vital it is a given step in any course of events that involves feeding yourself [or food handling in general] Step 2: Take … Continue reading How To Eat The World

After Visiting the Museum of Nuclear Science

Possible that through the span of dimensions and universes, Something could have happened to balance out this calamity. Why this is progress, Why destruction is equivalent to a stepping forward, I may never know. I am simply one boy, How could I? What do I know? Looking at the green glass formed ten feet deep … Continue reading After Visiting the Museum of Nuclear Science