Self Portrait 1

Sitting still in the quiet of the snoring deep back ex-study,purpled sky double down and pockedSnow packed and drifty as dreams on the tongueSqueachy rubbersoled double-knot weatherproof winterboots ooze their trekked tale slowly into the carpets ear;looking for, no, sifting through the... stop.rummaging around between folds of grey matter, electricity,¬†somewhere between there seems to be … Continue reading Self Portrait 1

The Unnamed Black of Night

deep jet black evening I'm settled on a trampoline noting in my mind how the liquid in the air distills as if the mason jar of time, once filled with ice, is now sweating onto my skin slowing sound, slowing light, slowing the imaginary workers as they dig permanent creases along my mouth; I'm feeling … Continue reading The Unnamed Black of Night

3 Part Dreaming

Woke up sweating from sleep, hot as hell in the room, peeled my face off the pillow and sat up, heard the old man inside of me, crochety old cuss, mumbling something about antacids and aftershaves, he usually sleeps soundly but sometimes he mumbles about old wars and politics. Heard the dad inside of me … Continue reading 3 Part Dreaming