What’s Beautiful

It's the comedown of it all. the after splash, falling back, air rushing out of faux down, feeling the thought rush in, remembering that sweat is a response to heat not a cause of it. That natural occurrences are sometimes all that are needed to peel our psyche away from the glass of existence and … Continue reading What’s Beautiful

“not being compelled to change someone,”

Q: If you could just start by describing yourself for me physically and emotionally. A: Emotionally intense, for sure. I'm really sensitive, I've gotten a lot more grounded the last few years in that I can be affected by something and then find my center pretty quickly and not get too off course, which has … Continue reading “not being compelled to change someone,”

“there are no boundaries”

Q: So, If you could start by describing yourself for me, physically and emotionally. A: Physically, tall, I'm like 5'10" and I have hips like my moms hips. Active I guess because I work out a lot. Pretty. Emotionally I guess sensitive but I try not to show it, so I guess more... I don't … Continue reading “there are no boundaries”

Differently and Better

I want the molecules of my body to fall apart. Slow disruption and destruction of self. Just like when you see large pieces of earth slide off of mountain sides from a distance, that's what I want of my body, to shed itself over and over into a pile of cubic pieces that make me: … Continue reading Differently and Better