75% Human

Of course there are the stereotypes that we fill every capsule that we are given that we assume the boundaries of our life what we are poured into we are contained by; that when we flow freely, we cleanse and take with us that which is impure allowing it to be in us, not of … Continue reading 75% Human



via Daily Prompt: Blossom Standing in the locker room waiting for it all to hush fabric rubbing tightly against arms there's no way in hell this shit is a towel Maybe it could pass for a thin, white brillo pad; arms sawdust, chest hurricane, kneecaps slowly turning marble; exhalation; thoughts slow, water falls infinitely, imagining … Continue reading Blossom


Nothing is there I'm just sitting, waiting to hear your damned drunken voice the grasp of years spent sucking down thousands of cigarettes and hundreds of gallons of red wine the tannins sucking your mouth into a tight circle the cigarettes folding your vocal folds following the rule of seven seven folds and that is … Continue reading Nothing.

What’s Beautiful

It's the comedown of it all. the after splash, falling back, air rushing out of faux down, feeling the thought rush in, remembering that sweat is a response to heat not a cause of it. That natural occurrences are sometimes all that are needed to peel our psyche away from the glass of existence and … Continue reading What’s Beautiful

Eye Contact

I’m feeling for it, looking for the patterns in the light between the objects something reminiscent of what used to be there as if an old coke can once stood proudly on the countertop and now is crushed melted recycled; I’m staring through the air through some sort of void seeing your fear permeate the … Continue reading Eye Contact