Re: her

For what will have happened Reciprocation bends her thinly plumaged swan neck and Every pore starts to pulse with the anticipation of well earned sweat;Loving kindness, manifested through honest Hazel eyes;One piece of ethereal folded soul, slowly and surely reaching out to the Completion of itself, where glances and tones cross and criss-cross, thenAlabaster and earth … Continue reading Re: her

Olive Green [thought cycle]

Olive Green, quiet cotton, pressed feet, written about who knows who. never that that is so close to me. and why, why that dreams are always "Come to me that which I do not want." Not nightmares, nightmares misunderstood as humans passed us; Olive Green, light through glass, unsure of deep set symbolism, sometimes the … Continue reading Olive Green [thought cycle]