Thinking Inkly: Understanding

Currently thinking about the twists and turns of life; ruminating (attempting to reclaim the connotation of the word to be positive or perhaps neutral) on the uncanny idea that something so seemingly insignificant could have such an effect on a life. We begin at a source of information, an event that is current, or recently … Continue reading Thinking Inkly: Understanding


"What do you think about gravity?" "Gravity?" Yeah, you know it's one of only a few things that can cross space time." "meaning?" "Meaning that the same gravity that's pulling on your old, wrinkled ass right now is the same gravity that pulled on the ass of George Washington or Nikola Tesla." "And you think … Continue reading “Gravity”


The sparkling, dangerous, never-ending pull, the definition of down being so dependent, every molecule effected, changed, changing, [will change?] Science never was 100% at predicting outcomes. The molecules of my mind, this ink, the paper, your eyes, all pulled by this ballpeen hammer on a shoestring flung over the edge of a bridge. And What's … Continue reading Gravity