It's stretched thin, like how I imagine water feels when it is frozen too quickly; as a whole, just a cube of cold matter, slightly larger than it was, something perfect for hot, Early September in the South West, on closer inspection, this water is screaming from expansion, swollen beyond recognition by fellow molecules. but … Continue reading Ice

Kiss (x4)

The kiss on my cheek, I lay quiet, pulling the heavy duvet over my crunched body becoming something more of a bean than a being: and soft and soft and soft and soft all four quickly in succession across the thin, David Bowie shape of my jaw it's impossible to tell which is what or … Continue reading Kiss (x4)

What’s Beautiful

It's the comedown of it all. the after splash, falling back, air rushing out of faux down, feeling the thought rush in, remembering that sweat is a response to heat not a cause of it. That natural occurrences are sometimes all that are needed to peel our psyche away from the glass of existence and … Continue reading What’s Beautiful

The Pearl Against The Gloss

you do your make-up well you know? it’s hard to say exactly how or why I “know” that but there’s something that is artistic in the way that you have your face done up. it makes the flick of your eyes, the way I see them move across someone else’s face, studying endlessly the subtle … Continue reading The Pearl Against The Gloss

Siezed in the Night

In front of me lies a vast expanse of finite offness, I can see a far off spot of light, Something distant as if it had been scattered across the plain of my view With it a parallel dream of my past existence Something looping quietly, dreamlike in a plane unknown where a threshold of … Continue reading Siezed in the Night

Dream: Aged Honesty

In a dream of aged honesty he walked through quiet areas of old and dusty discovery. Her energy, the soft slightly tangy scent that had filled his mind so often, came and went as cliché as a breeze in meadow. The articles written of her in the newspaper of his personal universe scattered and brushed … Continue reading Dream: Aged Honesty

To Think of You as a Map

To think of you as a map: To think that once I did not see you as I now do, the compass rose of your eyes: a rose from your lips a compass from the intent of your mind pulsating beautiful bronze-age thoughts to the crisp edges of you, beyond to the earth. To think … Continue reading To Think of You as a Map

Let Us Become One

To the sweet girl who quietly maintains the chaos of my soul, to her candied lips of white chocolate cherry, the rum filling of her tongue, to the whipped cream softness of her navel and the down of her small arms, to her glittering soul, ethereal like a kite released to storm: tossing wildly and … Continue reading Let Us Become One

Seeking the Morning Dew

Feeling the purity of life today how lovely and innocent it all is when flitting birds and butterflies are aflight in the dewy down of the soul Smelling the sweetness of baking vanilla, feeling the arousal of every afternoon sun, hearing the crunch of the days passed, how they burble like a river falling through … Continue reading Seeking the Morning Dew