her, I

Spiraling to soil in deep, concentric circles,Yesterday's words seem to bloom asDaffodils or Sunflowers- Roses left unattended,Neatly kept under glass hoods, waiting patiently for years;Every new syllable seems to drip with intoxicating sensualityYes, a soft whisper for two: felt and never heard

Smelling Smoke

Lost, somewhere among the crashing and burning of the forest, Far off from my apartment on Meadows but you can smell the smoke over the flowers and the clumps of long-stemmed grass. Far gone, lost to dreams and paintings, Summer burning away everything, Apollo too close to sage, an attempt to naturally pull more carbon … Continue reading Smelling Smoke

Seeking the Morning Dew

Feeling the purity of life today how lovely and innocent it all is when flitting birds and butterflies are aflight in the dewy down of the soul Smelling the sweetness of baking vanilla, feeling the arousal of every afternoon sun, hearing the crunch of the days passed, how they burble like a river falling through … Continue reading Seeking the Morning Dew