Self Portrait 1

Sitting still in the quiet of the snoring deep back ex-study,purpled sky double down and pockedSnow packed and drifty as dreams on the tongueSqueachy rubbersoled double-knot weatherproof winterboots ooze their trekked tale slowly into the carpets ear;looking for, no, sifting through the... stop.rummaging around between folds of grey matter, electricity,¬†somewhere between there seems to be … Continue reading Self Portrait 1

A wave

The curious thing about people, human beings, other than their innate desire to take everything around them spin it thin and flexible, twist it up, and tie it around themselves, is the fact that every one of them: blue, green, brown, hazel, cataracts, the greased windows to the soul, every one of them: Cancer, HIV, … Continue reading A wave