“You are the best parts of yourself”

Q: So um… If I could have you start by describing yourself physically and emotionally. A: Ok. I have big brown eyes. I have a really small mouth. I’m really pale despite my heritage and ethnicity. I’m tall. I’m left handed. Emotionally, I’m a very apologetic person, very eccentric, very outgoing. I am also very … Continue reading “You are the best parts of yourself”

“it looks like… singularity”

Q: Ok, so if you could start of by describing yourself for me, both physically and emotionally. A: Ok, um, that's kind of an interesting question because I was literally... I had a thought along these lines as I was walking down the hall. So, yeah, I'm 5'9" about 165lbs. forty years old, in really … Continue reading “it looks like… singularity”

“We wouldn’t be able to fly”

Q: Can you describe yourself for me, physically and emotionally? A: Do you have any more specific parameters or is that... Q: Nope. that's... that's it, just describe yourself. A: Physically I am... smallish... athletic-ish... although extremely clumsy when not on the dance floor. I use a lot of hand gestures and excessively animated facial … Continue reading “We wouldn’t be able to fly”