Thinking Inkly: A Little Bit of Love for You

I'm thinking about why I do this. Thinking about why this one way communication takes place between us. I'm thinking about what possesses me to be a part of this maddening process where I stay up hours and nights, dreaming and dozing and starting and nodding my way through the lines and the path and … Continue reading Thinking Inkly: A Little Bit of Love for You


Fucking just need to write, and I wonder what those first five words will seem like when someone comes back to them in forty years and reads this. Will they think I’m mad or happy or crazy or already lost it? I don’t know, can’t know, always I’m pretending to know. And I want to … Continue reading Questions

Day 2: Journey

Daring, daring, the dearly dirigible tumble weed at its plain, Dry with dust and ever dreading the drip drip dropping of the lurid rain, Canvased sneakers neath my feet Know the tumbleweed's no foe too fleet, As they tread might'ly onward against the westward tracks of the train. Dust that has covered the lands since … Continue reading Day 2: Journey