Over Thought Over

Trying to break down the patterns of the mind, the looping, reeling, wall of thoughts, that which builds up. I often see patterns in my writing, the looping, looping, loops, curlicues, even now with this pen to paper, paper and pen and paper and pen and paper and pen and paper and pen, I see … Continue reading Over Thought Over


The Intimacy of Death 

Do not fear me. And do not fear you. But do not be afraid to fear the intimacy of death. For there is something delicious roasting on the fire. There is a morsel of something Left for you by the fisherman Long gone to bed And the clock has struck some ungodly Single chime And … Continue reading The Intimacy of Death 


a flower, a chipped black coffee table, the sound of breaking chocolate, the vibration of tumblers falling into place, a spoonful of honey, the mind burn of chapstick, the soft creak of an old rocking chair, the lingering smell of smoke mixed with dove soap and sweet mind toothpaste, a heavy blanket wrapping around, one … Continue reading Heaven