A Scream Echoing from Sleep

When it all comes crashing down, really all comes crashing down, you won't be here. Your son will be in his forties, something will spark and the killing will start, the open forests of our country will darken with blood, small fires will burst from spark, souls will flood abandoned homes they will find their … Continue reading A Scream Echoing from Sleep

Lost in the Traffic

so many so sad faces in a was of movement a jaw stretching a large, pink gob of gum, annoyed, sad, hands white on the wheel, eyes out the window, a neck sagging under the weight of time and children's sticky fingers stretching skin down GRavity, missed opportunities, regrets; and focus, so much focusing, re-focusing, … Continue reading Lost in the Traffic

Are We There Yet?

Where are we going? This question penned so frequently So typical, easy, misty in the mind The creaking of the wooden planks Brushing cumulonimbus with eyes open Arms folded behind the head The grab of grass somehow more On the tiny hairs on Our arms, fingers Than the pull of gravity on Our imaginations And … Continue reading Are We There Yet?

Man Of Decisiveness

Used to be the boy who was searching, Searching for the folds inside my soul's fabric; letting myself crease or unwrinkle with steam pressure as it was found necessary. Now, I'm holding a quiet ball of anger close to my throat and feeling the bits of me chip out into quiet. surrounded by silence, He … Continue reading Man Of Decisiveness

Tell me I’m not for you

Tell me I'm not for you, the fleeting ideas of what we have said, memories lacking ink, no verbatim, will fade as records in the sun, as will we with the thin hands of round marked faces, fade into creases within ourselves Swallowed into our own mouths with fiber dissolved in water and pills greater … Continue reading Tell me I’m not for you

Infinite Pieces of Your Soul

“I just want to find that… thing, y’know?” “kid, you’re not going to ever find it.” “what do you mean? Why do you always lack faith in me? Why is there this secret part of you that always wants to push my desires down my throat?” “Because kid, you’re young. You’re filled with too many … Continue reading Infinite Pieces of Your Soul