there is this girl for some reason I seem to see her all over the place hair a sweeping dark brown voice sweet and scratched a whisper echoing through an old record player she often sits poised open honest in a chair intent upon her task and at the same time her brown eyes flash … Continue reading Wha-ha-hat

Whispers Caught in Down

Flitting beats echo through the worn cloth of the bed spread, reverberating through steel springs, cheap foam, thin polyester, creating a rhythm of the tale of a boy, blinking his way into a legitimate longing for sweet honest eyes and well-shaped teeth: The story brings itself to light in the medium of words spoken softly … Continue reading Whispers Caught in Down

After Sheep

There is quiet in the brown comforter, peace tonight. The coffee pot is showing it’s blue light pride in the chalk board black of the room. Little fan on the desk, hasn’t been turned off since I got here. That was eight weeks ago. International students sitting on cold concrete, smoking their nights away, the … Continue reading After Sheep

The Epitome of Man

I lie awake, nights spent with one arm pressed beneath my body, the other resting atop my chest like some fine, living sculpture: The Epitome of Man They would call it that, they may be bold enough to call it art. The problem is that just the sight doesn’t do justice to the tedium, and … Continue reading The Epitome of Man