It's sad to me that objects that we are so willing to keep in our lives are seldom about the objects themselves at all. take for instance this pair of orange shoes high tops black stripes a white leather circle with a deep-set inlay of a black star something I proudly wore day in day … Continue reading Shoes



To you who sits small beneath the cup of my hand, Promising to press every worry into Two Darkened Dimensions; To you that follows me doggedly where I walk, Clicking to my heels, Cooling the ground for fractions of time, Never long enough; To you who scores my face with the razors edge of yourself, … Continue reading Shadow

The History of Love

I'm looking for you you're lost i'm searching and searching trying to find a lingering bit of your scent in the feathers in the brown down of my pillow where your spine rests from time to ticking time you're there and I miss you fiercely and for heavy hours of the night It's funny [he … Continue reading The History of Love

Whispers Caught in Down

Flitting beats echo through the worn cloth of the bed spread, reverberating through steel springs, cheap foam, thin polyester, creating a rhythm of the tale of a boy, blinking his way into a legitimate longing for sweet honest eyes and well-shaped teeth: The story brings itself to light in the medium of words spoken softly … Continue reading Whispers Caught in Down

Sour Mash Sincerity

each of your soft subtle curving lips cures one kind of indecision or another and it’s beginning to get to me. I have started to feel like a man able to make choices that are capable of moving things that aught not to be moved, things that are heavier than the both of us together, … Continue reading Sour Mash Sincerity

After Sheep

There is quiet in the brown comforter, peace tonight. The coffee pot is showing it’s blue light pride in the chalk board black of the room. Little fan on the desk, hasn’t been turned off since I got here. That was eight weeks ago. International students sitting on cold concrete, smoking their nights away, the … Continue reading After Sheep