Twenty-four (or “Twenty-three Revisited”)

Twenty-four. Twenty-three. He's the age of the pendulum. Adding slowly to the pile of years, he counts. Looking up from dusty cities with lamb-path streets, and following lonely roads to ice-coated highways and cities locked in pride of place. Twenty-three looks for the stupidity in his "wisdom," he looks for the peace in his "rage," … Continue reading Twenty-four (or “Twenty-three Revisited”)

Twenty-Three (or “Twenty-One” Revisited)

Twenty-three. Twenty-two. He's the age of shocking discoveries. Pushing himself to limits that set him back into loops of ecstasy and months of couch ridden recoveries. Drowning himself in lavender and tea tree oil, he meditates his brain into a submissive pulp and the world smiles back by slowly and softly responding to every fifth … Continue reading Twenty-Three (or “Twenty-One” Revisited)


a flower, a chipped black coffee table, the sound of breaking chocolate, the vibration of tumblers falling into place, a spoonful of honey, the mind burn of chapstick, the soft creak of an old rocking chair, the lingering smell of smoke mixed with dove soap and sweet mind toothpaste, a heavy blanket wrapping around, one … Continue reading Heaven

Little Figurine of a Lion (revisited)

You have wide eyes, they were probably supposed to be fierce, but I guess cultural differentiation and perspective allow me to see them as I will, old and filled with knowledge that could have once been applied but now sits silently with no pupil to hear of its secrets. Your face maybe snarled, once, but … Continue reading Little Figurine of a Lion (revisited)