“We wouldn’t be able to fly”

A lovely little reblog for you, Dear Reader
“the world is beautiful because you are you and they are them and the world would be less beautiful if you were them and they were you.”

Little Spud In The Big Apple

Q: Can you describe yourself for me, physically and emotionally?

A: Do you have any more specific parameters or is that…

Q: Nope. that’s… that’s it, just describe yourself.

A: Physically I am… smallish… athletic-ish… although extremely clumsy when not on the dance floor. I use a lot of hand gestures and excessively animated facial expressions. Emotionally, I am empathetic to a fault; I am able to listen to someone else’s opinion and absolutely just right now agree with that because I can see where they’re coming from even if I don’t. I feel like that defines a lot of who I am emotionally in so many ways because it leads me to be confused or extremely sure of myself or really connected or really disconnected or any of those things. I feel like that is one of the core causes I guess…

Q: Causes of…

A: For how I…

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Grilled Cheese and Love

I used to think that love was a kind of layered, unfolding, blooming function of life, something that you would treat with care; like when you pull a freshly made grilled cheese apart, carefully but intensely; I thought, you could draw out the process as long as you were able; or rather, you would draw … Continue reading Grilled Cheese and Love

Humans Anonymous: “I always have to be taking care of somebody”

Q: Ok so I just have two questions the first is, will you describe yourself for me? Whatever that means to you, in whatever capacity you need to. A: I am a Virgo (laughs) to a "T" I think that I am generally a good person with good intentions but I think that I tend … Continue reading Humans Anonymous: “I always have to be taking care of somebody”