Humans Anonymous: “I always have to be taking care of somebody”

Q: Ok so I just have two questions the first is, will you describe yourself for me? Whatever that means to you, in whatever capacity you need to. A: I am a Virgo (laughs) to a "T" I think that I am generally a good person with good intentions but I think that I tend … Continue reading Humans Anonymous: “I always have to be taking care of somebody”

“nothing or too much”

"Hey, where've you been?" "What do you mean, kid, do you man like in all of my life? Cuz' I've been everywhere; Vegas, L.A., Santa Fe, New York-" "No, I mean where have you been the past weeks? "Well, I'm not sure if you are aware of this but I do live in the trunk … Continue reading “nothing or too much”


"What do you think about gravity?" "Gravity?" Yeah, you know it's one of only a few things that can cross space time." "meaning?" "Meaning that the same gravity that's pulling on your old, wrinkled ass right now is the same gravity that pulled on the ass of George Washington or Nikola Tesla." "And you think … Continue reading “Gravity”

The Spectrum of Happiness

“are you an unhappy person?” [it seems like old friendships pay off well, they always seem to be the ones to bring up the most deadly questions.] “well. I don’t know.” “you don’t know?” “Yeah. I don’t know. What does it mean to be unhappy?” “like to be in a constant state of discontent, to—“ … Continue reading The Spectrum of Happiness

Infinite Pieces of Your Soul

“I just want to find that… thing, y’know?” “kid, you’re not going to ever find it.” “what do you mean? Why do you always lack faith in me? Why is there this secret part of you that always wants to push my desires down my throat?” “Because kid, you’re young. You’re filled with too many … Continue reading Infinite Pieces of Your Soul