her, I

Spiraling to soil in deep, concentric circles,Yesterday's words seem to bloom asDaffodils or Sunflowers- Roses left unattended,Neatly kept under glass hoods, waiting patiently for years;Every new syllable seems to drip with intoxicating sensualityYes, a soft whisper for two: felt and never heard

Thoughts on Death

When I die, I will See a door, The hinges connected to… strange… The knob is a deep rustic brass and I grab, The ticks beneath the slow turn tell me that it's been some time since anyone has opened it; I don't fiddle, although time feels both to be speeding around and oozing slowly … Continue reading Thoughts on Death

Re: her

For what will have happened Reciprocation bends her thinly plumaged swan neck and Every pore starts to pulse with the anticipation of well earned sweat;Loving kindness, manifested through honest Hazel eyes;One piece of ethereal folded soul, slowly and surely reaching out to the Completion of itself, where glances and tones cross and criss-cross, thenAlabaster and earth … Continue reading Re: her

Self Portrait 1

Sitting still in the quiet of the snoring deep back ex-study,purpled sky double down and pockedSnow packed and drifty as dreams on the tongueSqueachy rubbersoled double-knot weatherproof winterboots ooze their trekked tale slowly into the carpets ear;looking for, no, sifting through the... stop.rummaging around between folds of grey matter, electricity, somewhere between there seems to be … Continue reading Self Portrait 1

“We wouldn’t be able to fly”

A lovely little reblog for you, Dear Reader
“the world is beautiful because you are you and they are them and the world would be less beautiful if you were them and they were you.”

Little Spud In The Big Apple

Q: Can you describe yourself for me, physically and emotionally?

A: Do you have any more specific parameters or is that…

Q: Nope. that’s… that’s it, just describe yourself.

A: Physically I am… smallish… athletic-ish… although extremely clumsy when not on the dance floor. I use a lot of hand gestures and excessively animated facial expressions. Emotionally, I am empathetic to a fault; I am able to listen to someone else’s opinion and absolutely just right now agree with that because I can see where they’re coming from even if I don’t. I feel like that defines a lot of who I am emotionally in so many ways because it leads me to be confused or extremely sure of myself or really connected or really disconnected or any of those things. I feel like that is one of the core causes I guess…

Q: Causes of…

A: For how I…

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