Little Spud in the Big Apple is a blog run by me [Bryson W. Hatfield] for you [the daring reader].

Some of the work is a bit of me experimenting with writing, some of it is a captured moment. It’s a bit hard [even for me] to tell from time to time which is which.
My hope is that you find some kind of piece of yourself in the words, or maybe something that reminds you that you’re not the only person living on this planet.

The name “Little Spud in the Big Apple” was a suggestion that a good friend of mine made several years ago when I told him that I was moving to New York City; he suggested that I start a blog about my adventures in the city. I did, but I didn’t ever anticipate it turning into this.
Five years and three books later, here we are.

If you like the work on here, there is always more to read and always more to write.

Here are some links to my published works:

Upon Studying My Exhalation

An Exercise In Dimensions

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