“God is in all of us.”

Q: Great. So if you could start off by… describing yourself to someone who has never met you without using your name, gender, or ethnicity.

A: That’s hard… well it’s not hard but…

Q: How would you describe who you are to someone?

A: [small exhale] Truth matters the most to me. And genuine- being genuine and truthful. So, I think of myself as being someone very truthful. A truthful individual who sees the positive more often than maybe [they] want to. Sometimes you wanna dwell in bad thoughts- negative thoughts- but I’ve been through too much stuff to actually do that and now I realize that positivity is the only way to look at things. So, a positive, truthful individual.

Q: What is your earliest memory?

A: Good one. Crossing the street to the grocery store with my dad, because that was our thing. We would go grocery shopping together, and he would always stop when we got to the parking lot, before we crossed the street. He would hold his hand out and I would take his hand and we had- we built a list of all the reasosns to hold hands while we crossed the street. This is when I was like four years old maybe. but it was like: to stay safe, because daddy loves you, it feels good. all of those things holding my dad’s hand while I crossed the street.

Q: If you had to describe what love looked like, what would you say?

A: Do you know that scene in Ratatouille when he bites the strawberry and he gets all these red twirlies in the black and he takes a bite of cheese and there’s like these yellow bouncies? So, love looks like the strawberry to me but also vibrating. So vibrating waves of red and purple and orange and yellow and different frequencies for what kind of love I’m feeling whether it’s romantic or friendship only or platonic you know what I mean, but um… or parental I feel like they all have different colors different frequencies but it’s all vibrations, waves, cirliques. Yeah.

Q: What about, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A: Thailand at the moment. Um, an incredible history, incredible religious dedication in that country, I wanna learn a lot about that. they rely on their natural surroundings a lot more than America does. So that would be incredibly humbling to be there and to be as connected to the earth and the people and the God and just the surroundings there I think is where I would wanna be.

Q: On that similar note of spirituality, do you believe in a God or Gods and if so or if not why? What are your thoughts?

A: I didn’t believe in God for the longest time because I was taught that God was a specific person with a specific name and they looked like this and he did want me to do this, didn’t want me to do that and there were punishments or rewards if you didn’t do but there was no tangible evidence of that for me. And now that I’m older, a little further on in life I believe in Prana, in Mother Earth, in Gaia. It’s all the same to me, so I do believe in an earthly spirit, something that is responsible for the miracles that happen every day, for evolution, for us waking up, for breath, for… there’s no face, I don’t have a face for it anymore and that’s what took me a long time to get over, that like ‘God had a face’ so I disbelieve in this person but now, I don’t believe that God has a face but that’s the point is that God is in all of us. Like there is no specific name for my god, like I said. Gaia is probably the closest to it, like Mother Earth, nature in general is my Goddess. Yeah.

Q: If you could say one thing anonymously to a large group of people, what would you say?

A: That is a fuckin’ question right there.

Q: Yeah so they don’t know who you are, you just get to say it. And they hear it.

A: I think it would be to do what you truly believe is right, no matter what. Like at any point. If you think it’s right for you, for someone else, please do it and don’t hesitate to do it, because when we hesitate we are allowing our fears to stop us from reaching a certain point or making progress or whatever else needs to be done. So, to let go of fear and do what you believe is right.

Q: Cool that’s all I have.

A: Cool.


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