A Scream Echoing from Sleep

When it all comes crashing down,
really all comes crashing down,
you won’t be here.

Your son will be in his forties,
something will spark and the killing will start,
the open forests of our country will darken with blood,
small fires will burst from spark,
souls will flood abandoned homes
they will find their refuge in unmade beds,
deserted months past,
they will hole up and wait for final exhale,
but you will never see this.

It should not discourage you,
you are already a well known [creative],
a person of many thoughts and feelings;
however, your fellow humans have taken it too far,
you will continue to do everything that you can to change the world,
to inspire others,
to instill change where you see injustice,
to spread love and compassion,
but you will die trying.

You cannot change anyone
you can only change yourself.


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