Another Apology (and rightfully so)

I am sorry
I know that I owe you an apology
my wine stained mind has
enough sense to say,
That I know I owe you an apology

at some point I started to
fade slowly away from you
like I was Marty McFly
trying to save my own life
And slowly but surely watching my
existence erase and snub out

I owe more to you,
I should have a deep respect for you,
and possible that I lost that
around the same time I lost
that deep respect for myself,
I bet you wish we both could get it back,
for both of our sakes,
But it faded with time,
like the heat-based ink on
So many receipts from Whole Foods,
And now it’s blank,
And now I’m blank
blank with an unknown rage
And misguided misunderstanding
who I am,
where the words are,
how to once again make them mine…

how to once again make you mine.


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