Humans Anonymous: “I always have to be taking care of somebody”

Q: Ok so I just have two questions the first is, will you describe yourself for me? Whatever that means to you, in whatever capacity you need to.

A: I am a Virgo (laughs) to a “T”
I think that I am generally a good person with good intentions but I think that I tend to come off as a control freak and kind of… I don’t want to say the wrong word…
I have the personality of a mother, but I don’t want kids. (laughs) Yes, I always have to be taking care of somebody…
I don’t know what else to say about myself.
You’re looking at me like I should be saying something else,
I don’t… That’s it.

Q: Describe what happiness is; what it feels like what it looks like, tastes like, sounds like.

A: I would say happiness is being completely comfortable in what you are doing, when you are doing it and, andand… I don’t know.
it’s like riding a bike at three in the morning with nobody else around and you just go. No rules, you just do it. It’s kinda dewey outside, y’know, you’re wearing a sweater, maybe a hat, you don’t need a helmet because there’s nobody else that’s gonna run you over.
It’s being in that place where it doesn’t matter who else is in this world because they can’t run you over. Yeah.


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