“What’s on your mind, _________?”

“What’s happening?”

something needs to be cataloged every minute,

Taken into account, the importance of a moment as it passes through some lens of organic matter. We capture the best parts ((what we see as the best parts) and what do we do?) and we turn it, paint it, color it like a hard boiled egg. Dying the tone of it to fit our own lifestyle.

Facts to remember:

  • Without light, it cannot be perceived.
  • Without an opinion, it will still exist.
  • Whether it is cataloged or not, it will not cease to be.
  • Solipsism is only a theory, a heartless ideal that the cowardly choose to uphold
  • We are running water, pulsing within ourselves, an ecosystem in perfect balance, and this exists outside of what we think or feel or want or need. Our frustrations, our desires, our loves, hates, jealousies, and each cheaply made sandwich of emotions that we chew on every day, exists without this stream of purple and red.

The words (pixels(thoughts(intentions(subtexts(each nested within the next))

They mean nothing and everything and they get none of the attention that we think they deserve.

We are filled to the brim with an insatiable desire for recognition

and we wait until we are handed our participation trophy

and our check.



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