Four Minutes and a Fist Full of Water

I used to count the seconds
between the time that the old dry feel hit my lips
and the time that my brain felt old and familiar again
cracked as an Idaho summer.

I would sit on the couch with the music on
Chopin maybe, I do like him,
He’s soothing and full of a complex disquiet,
something that I feel in myself,
whether it’s there or not, I can’t say.
the sound of the piano slowly crawling inside of me
as I waved my hand slowly and counted


waiting for the minutes to pass
I start a simple mathematical thought
1 fl.oz./min. for 6 min. but the hit happens @ 4
the last 2 min. feel softer
no butter undertones,
the toasted notes fade and the brain slips into
a familiar dull pattern of pulsing key strokes

Chopin seems to be playing his tune on my thigh
the intimacy of music transcending time

then the whispers begin,
the process of hands to pen to paper
or of finger pads to keyboard to internet,

They say, “your world, it awaits you.”

They whisper, “The infinite creativity
that sits in front of you is lost in the
moments that you do not take it.”

And I reach through the air,
brushing the mess of Chopin’s mop,

I grab at a fistful of water.


3 thoughts on “Four Minutes and a Fist Full of Water”

  1. Don’t Allow the Lucid Moment to Dissolve


    Don’t allow the lucid moment to dissolve
    Let the radiant thought last in stillness
    though the page is almost filled and the flame flickers
    We haven’t risen yet to the level of ourselves
    Knowledge grows slowly like a wisdom tooth
    The stature of a man is still notched
    high up on a white door
    From far off, the joyful voice of a trumpet
    and of a song rolled up like a cat
    What passes doesn’t fall into a void
    A stoker is still feeding coal into the fire
    Don’t allow the lucid moment to dissolve
    On a hard dry substance
    you have to engrave the truth

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    1. I love this so much.
      It has become increasingly difficult for me to take things seriously if they are not expressed in a complex way and this is helpful and hopeful to read. It speaks in a way that my mind knows.


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