It is done
steps have been taken
the signatures are signed with pens of hollow souls

rolled up dollar bills and
one cracked mirror
two drops of blood,
stretching to reach one another
Adam and God
sitting on a reflective Sistine Chapel

fifteen minutes, sore, broken, dry,
wiping away,
nothing there, nothing there,
and inside
pump pump queue pump pull pump
it’s hot, it’s cold
it’s thrown out the window
the dollar bills tumble from
the pocket
caked in snot along one long edge,

Have a great fuckin’ day.

tap tap tap tap
sign it again, raise your right hand,
put it over your heart,
pledge allegiance to the fags of the United States of america
Swear to protect them,
again swear to protect them,
sign your name now,
I’m speaking at you.

willing your cowardice to end.

of course it won’t

I hand you the key,
you unlock your nose
and your eyes see everything
become nothing,
you turn to me.
a nod
we slowly salute an understanding

my heart stops.


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