Don’t y’u
Can’t y’u

gettin’ s’much
we’re takin’ th’
soun’righ’ out
outta ‘vrythin’
already “lol”

soon’r’r lat’r,
there’ll be nothin’ lef’
save a series o’ do”-n’-dash’s
n’we’ll st’ll-b

“I don’t-g’t-U M8”
“mA-B U 8[-t]n’t lis’n’n r8[-A+I]”

U nEd 2 do som’thin’

stan’ ↑ 4 sum’thin’
save lan’wage.

5 thoughts on “Elision”

  1. Some modern day version of an E.E. Cummings / James Whitcomb Riley love child. (but i guess they couldn’t produce children could they) Let’s say E.E. was actually trans for this thought experiment.

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  2. Ah.. I’m just seeing your reply to this comment. I’m out of town for another day but I have set a reminder to send a link to a photograph of my book of E.E. Cummings (collection). You might find it interesting. Until then. Be well.

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