Days of Silence

it’s all lost
glue and peanut butter
the cat ran away with it
it’s been bitten
mouth to mouth
Heimlich Maneuver
CPR Certified
purple lipped
finger under nose

I rub my cheek
feeling the hollowed out
cave where it used to sit
existing in a rotating desk chair
pinched between two incisors
all business
until someone breaks out
the face paint

roots stretch and fill
endless loops
maintaining life
blue to red
a small flap
a small flap
two rooms with thin walls
nearly paper-thin
the difference between life and death

the silky bit
has left the shell
there is no ghost
all is simply cogs
feeling for the hole
wishing for the whole
knowing that it travels far

from time to time
the reminiscent particles
of soft filling
are only found
strewn across green beaches
as purple sunsets fall
and deep waves spray
a forgiving foam
high into the air


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