June 29, 2017

that thinking thing (noun)
that twitchy thought (noun)
dark loop (verb)
a strand of black hair
fivefourthreetwoone (bast off)
gasoline that we breathe
our world (noun)
exists (verb) in impurity (adjective)
we must
in order to
survive (verb)
Survival (noun)
must be
unclean (adjective)

THROW (θɹoʊ): n. a light cover for furniture; in some cases, consisting of one soft fleece side and another billowy woollen side.

the eye the endless
the endless eye of looping
untrimmed wool from sheep
make me your slave
so close
big chunks
then pulled and rolled

CONTEMPLATE (ˈkɑntəmˌpleɪt): v. think profoundly at length; meditate

black heat
steam figure-
over tar
of liquid in
a kick in
the brain
the large intestine

FOOL (ful): v. [used without object] to jest; pretend; make believe.

neurons flash
a one two three
a one two three
a one two three
and so it goes
and so it goes
and so will Billy Joel
I suppose
for in every mind
there is a tomb
a one two four
and the shake
white of the eyes
one minute
five minutes

two strangers hear the banging subside
the interior of the bath is only rain

and so it goes
and so it goes
and so it goes
and so it goes
and so
and and and
go go go

there is only ignorance and bliss that remains

Everything remains
every domino still exists
the line has simply been knocked into

What you find
is just as important as what I found
for I doubt you’ve ever played Dominos


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