Quick Update: June 2017

Hello fellow Word Slingers, Poetry Addicts, quick scrollers, Social media clickers, etc.

This is just a brief update from me for all of you as you move along in your quick and busy lives.
I know that this blog is definitely the best part of your day, whether you’re a morning reader, a coffee break parouser, or a midnight double tapper so in case you’ve missed some things here we go:

1. I published a book about two months ago. It’s called Upon Studying my Exhalation and it’s completely awesome. The official release date was April 1st [and that’s no joke… ha ha!]. In case you haven’t heard about it or don’t know whether you want to read it, you do because let’s face it, it’s summer and you want to look cool with a good summer reading list. Well, putting this awesome piece of hipster poetry on your Goodreads account would make all of your friends so jealous that they weren’t able to find it before you. Here, I’ll make it super easy. You can click right here and buy it on Amazon right now.

2. I’m currently working on three different books that I hope to publish within the next year and a half. The first one should be up in a couple months [depending on how long it takes me to do all of the illustrating] and is a collection of illustrated haikus. I will keep you all posted as the publication it grows nigh.

3. If you follow my Facebook page, cool. If not, you definitely should, and if you like my work and want as much of it as possible, you should pin me to your wall and get all kinds of awesome poetry and fun stuff!

4. Thank you all for your continuous support and love as I work my way through the infinite combination of words and letters that is this language.

Stay Starchy,

Bryson W. Hatfield


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