Time Spent

Six hours in,
five and a half
make seventy five and they take a fraction of that
the end of the year,
everything added up,
waiting to see what you were overcharged
or not.

It’s all one big game
because someone owns your ass
someone owns your land
your food
your kids
your clothes
you think you bought it, there’s a tax
there’s a demand of money from some man way out
doesn’t know who you are
what your dreams are about
and you work forty
you work fifty
you work two separate jobs
find time for a social life
give up who you are,
because thats how you make it,
that’s common sense
it’s intelligent to turn everything you love into time well spent
but does that have to mean that you’re working check to check
since a college degree is worth spit these days,

and if you want to be a professional waiter you need debt
the best ones have forty to eighty,
thousand that is.

and a bachelors degree
even then
ain’t worth shit,
because after that you’ve gotta specialize
learn the tricks
find a mentor,
spend time making less
do nothing with your life that brings you forward
after it’s all over,
you’re seventy years old and still owe twenty thousand
because interest rates are the ones that’ll
fuck you till you bleed in your sheets.

and you spend time
you spend time
you spend time
spend time
you skip through your weeks
you wake up fat and married
you have a mid-life crisis
you cheat on your husband
you cheat on your wife
you buy a Harley
you spend
you spend time
you try to outrace time
you run faster
you run faster
you run faster until there is an obvious chain fixed around
your ankle;
you realize that you are spent
you age to lengths that you never thought you could
you become the first millennial to die a true death before a last breath
you leave the discomfort of the earth
you sever your legs from your body
you stop bleeding
you stop feeling
you give it all away
you take nothing with you
you you you…

me me my…

we we us…

ascend to something bright.


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