your ambient noises tear through the quiet of each thought.
the small sniffing sounds,
where snot may or may not exist;
the slightly vocalized sigh,
where moan and thought cross;
the shift of fabric across smooth skin,
pulling static through my earbuds;
the dry scratch and pull of fingers through fine hair,
I’ve adopted a canine quality in more than one way;

I heard somewhere
read somewhere
was told at some point,
that dogs love humans because they see them as equal,
other dogs,
fellow canine warriors,
a part of the pack;

You, sweet ambient one,
have quickly become a part of my pack,
your soft alpha coos have drawn me to you,
and I know that these beginnings do not start lightly,
do not end easily,
will not end, verily.

For now, I lay,
paws out,
chin resting,
hearing your breath,
knowing that we have become a team
a force of joy,

something for evil to reckon with;

As I write this,
I know that it will,
for evil always does,
and unlike other times,
I am not afraid of what the outcome
could be.

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