The Solution of Us

I’m quietly looping
A race car driver
Turning the left curves of my mind
Tracing and racing my way to the solution of us
The solution of who you and I could be

Knowing that something magnetic
Is pulling me ever closer to you
To your lips
Your teeth
To your tongue
To the sound of your laugh
The sensual sound of a metal button sliding out of denim
And the grip of a zipper coming undone

Something is racing me quickly to your eyes
And I’m spiraling downward into their deep still wells
Where at the bottom something quiet and gleaming hides
A small piece of discarded tinfoil in the shape of a valentine
Something lost in the deep mud since the third grade
I see it Glinting in your eye.

And there,
While I’m pulled as closely as I am able to be
Toward the center of you,
The part that holds your gravity,
I stop and think about
How your core and mine
What is at our base
It’s the same stuff
It’s all made of the same dust
The same histories
The same futures
And when we touch,
All of dust that we are made of just
Around a little bit
Transfers from one creased palm to another,
A microcosmic example of dual star systems
Red, shifting closer
Blue, shifting away
I wonder which I am.

And it’s enough to make me linger
Sharing something physical
With you
And your soul
With Our soul.


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