Half-way Through a Bottle of Wine



it’s the beats
the quick soft beats that seem to pad at your brain

that’s all I’ve got for it,
all I’ve got for it,
All I’ve got
and it fades with time
like pressing the blood from a hickey

and it’s sexy
like shoulder freckles
like eyelashes
like bunny teeth
like someone else breathing a whisper into your mouth
like feeling fingertips trace the rivers of your body
like holding hands in thin gloves
like a kiss with mint gum

and it’s moving through my mind like snakes
on a marble track
tracing the corners of my brain until there is nothing left to find
and I’m enveloped

and there’s a bottle in front of me
sucked down, half-way,
something empty
something full
something between where I want to be and where I am

and I’m not sure what the destination is
but the journey is taking me to the porthole again
and the red red color is flushed through my stomach
I’m full of it
and I’m lost in it
being drunk on oxygen and
meditating on wine

the world begins to fade away
and all of the promises
begin to fade away
and all of the city lights
and my dinner table fades too
and the disquiet sets in

and I find the bottom,
lift the glass ninety degrees,
let it all drain
poke my eye with the neck
lift up again
the final drop seems to dry before it hits my tongue
what’s left is a sugary
remnant of an old grape

and somehow it’s a part of everything that has come to pass.

4 thoughts on “Half-way Through a Bottle of Wine”

  1. Every year I buy the book called “The Best American Poets ” where they select a poet to scour the literary magazines that year and pick out their favorites for inclusion in the book. I will review some of the introductions to those books to see if there are some magazines they mention more than others. Meanwhile, here is an interesting website: https://www.pw.org/literary_magazines I could be wrong, but I think publication begets publication, so getting something published in a publication with an even smaller footprint will/may open other doors.

    Several of my WordPress blog subscriptions had the email switch turned off for some reason so I haven’t been reading a lot of your work lately. I will, when I have more time, try to go through more of it and see if any other thoughts come to mind in terms of directionality, or if one or two stand out to me as something akin to what I might see in publications. However, as you know, poetry is SO subjective. One man’s crap is another man’s gold.


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  2. Bryson, just now encountering your blog. We crossed paths briefly during your dancing stint in Idaho. I can remember sitting in the audience with my young daughter while you captivated us all.

    I recommend two places for your poetry–the first is The Sun (they like free-form, out-of-the-box work), and the The 2River View which is a progressive, independent press. There are TONS of small presses who would love your work, I think. It just takes time to research a bit to find a fit.

    Good luck.

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