Half-way Through a Bottle of Wine

Damn oh HOT DAMN! it's the beats the quick soft beats that seem to pad at your brain that's all I've got for it, all I've got for it, All I've got and it fades with time like pressing the blood from a hickey and it's sexy like shoulder freckles like eyelashes like bunny teeth … Continue reading Half-way Through a Bottle of Wine

Eye Contact

I’m feeling for it, looking for the patterns in the light between the objects something reminiscent of what used to be there as if an old coke can once stood proudly on the countertop and now is crushed melted recycled; I’m staring through the air through some sort of void seeing your fear permeate the … Continue reading Eye Contact

Breathing Heavy

I’m running in circles around the quiet padded room of my mind not in an insane way in an effort to tire my thoughts out reeling incessantly through the checklists of propriety making sure that they are correct, right, something set to a standard, and I can’t fuckin’ write, it’s all blocked up, like watching … Continue reading Breathing Heavy