Siezed in the Night

In front of me lies a vast expanse of finite offness,
I can see a far off spot of light,
Something distant as if it had been
scattered across the plain of my view

With it a parallel dream of my past existence
Something looping quietly, dreamlike
in a plane unknown
where a threshold of stones,
placed and sculpted by hand,
framed my field of vision;
and I looked out across a smooth lake
open to my own future,
small smooth stones stood level with the water
[Stickers on a mirror]
And I was reminded that there is something beyond this,
a destination,
a dome-like building
covered in stars,
shimmering in and out of my existence,
within the deep open portal,
something kaleidoscopic,
drawing a parallel with the refraction of
cut diamonds;

And I’m here on the roof of my car,
my mouth is dry,
I’m reaching for a glass of water,
And I tough the sweat on the cup,
it turns my vision purple and the
sky explodes into a coral reef
ink into water,

In the background,
the remnants of a single crashing wave
click through my brain,
something is on fire in my synapses

Then a feeling in my intestines
the rush of blood to a wound,

And she’s there,
just pulled off her back pack
leaned down, rummaging, searching for something
I’m searching for something in her
in the background, the mountains are pulsing
She blows a hair out of her face,
something nonchalant
somehow still beautiful

And I’m staring at Orion,
Looking for his nebula,
What else could be hiding
in the space between the stars?

I bury my face in a pillow,
I drown my own breath in soot,
the fallen collected ash from a burning past
and I will my molecules to mold
into some form of phoenix metaphor.


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