Some form of Truth

Yes, yes I believe you.
I believe that you’re right.
Even before you said that just now,
I knew that what you were going to say
would somehow resonate with me.

I can’t quite explain it,
Consider it an intuition.
Consider it a reverberating
message from the universe.
Consider it
Something unspoken that lies
in the space between
the molecules that make up
my orbital cortex.

I knew that the lingering
shake of my body
and mind,
as it pressed through
the infinite universes​
above and below me,
would somehow help to
connect me to the fact
that I am supposed to know you.

That there are certain forces
in this world that we do not
and those forces are what put me here,
and what put you there,
and what gave me, for the first time,
a self-engendered sense of freedom
and I can only imagine,
what gave you the need to speak a truth,
that certain people are put in our paths,
certain genuine people,
and perhaps I am that
now, in this moment for you,
you are also​ something similar for me.


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