Speed On The Curb

I see people turning fast
Turning inwards
Turning to themselves for answers
Looking to the wrong towering
Abusing the signals
Watching lanes and double lines fade to black
Sinking through the road into the compact dirt beneath

I see people rushing fast
Ten seconds
Some record time
Taking speed bumps like yellow lights
Accepting challenges
That are warnings

Not a one sees the
sepia tone spring time that I am so find of
They don’t hear the echo of the crashing waves
They don’t hear
Hundreds of miles off the coast
and we hear it,
(Do you hear it?)
Something reminiscent of a shell to the seeking ear
Possibly more like a pressure.

I see people’s tires fall into the earth
Beating like the sun, relentless
And they don’t quit
The brands glued to their throats
To their chests
They don’t quit
And they suck down cigarettes
Like Frappuccinos
And the pillars grow erect and white from their head
Connecting to nothing
Holding up the sky
Placing a barrier between their feelings
And their mouths

I see them press harder on the gas
Some of them,
The hopeful ones,
Drive fast
They try to run away from what is
Inside of them
And the faster they go
The more momentum it all has
And they turn into a marble pillar
Rocketing down I-75
Wishing they were suffocating.


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