The Intimacy of Death 

Do not fear me. And do not fear you. But do not be afraid to fear the intimacy of death. For there is something delicious roasting on the fire. There is a morsel of something Left for you by the fisherman Long gone to bed And the clock has struck some ungodly Single chime And … Continue reading The Intimacy of Death 

Waiting For it to Pass

I don't know I'm just holding on to something a marble perhaps, pressed sweaty into the tendons of my palm and it's displacing heat, it's cooler than I would have thought, or maybe my palm is simply heated with upset words seem to bombard me from all sides and I wish that I had a … Continue reading Waiting For it to Pass

If Sex Were Something Else…

If sex were drinking, you would know that I am a finger of whiskey poured at arm's length into a rocks glass tossed down the throat, A burn in the gut some instant of fire a celebration of a moment that lingers in the mind. If sex were conversation, you would know that I'm a … Continue reading If Sex Were Something Else…

Siezed in the Night

In front of me lies a vast expanse of finite offness, I can see a far off spot of light, Something distant as if it had been scattered across the plain of my view With it a parallel dream of my past existence Something looping quietly, dreamlike in a plane unknown where a threshold of … Continue reading Siezed in the Night

Some form of Truth

Yes, yes I believe you. I believe that you're right. Even before you said that just now, I knew that what you were going to say would somehow resonate with me. I can't quite explain it, Consider it an intuition. Consider it a reverberating message from the universe. Consider it Something unspoken that lies in … Continue reading Some form of Truth