You Want Sky (revisited)

Eyes enlightened to
The blue, you desire
To seek the truth,
That grey is only a
Blanket. That the
Air is clean high up
You know.
Set your sights,
You want the sky.

Accept gravity
And forces elevate intensity.
Legs fold, Knees buckle
Under axles and axioms.
Nix the non-ethereal,
Accept the azure
And the antique
The Sky.

Press canvas appendages
To the hot asphalt and
Lift away.
Twirl and leap through
The fluid air.
Alarms, car horns, cries
Cannot reach you there.

Cumulus encompass
Covering creativity in
Rich nourishing soil,
Confounding all thought
Of corruption.

Purity is made assurance
The Sky ensures.

Taste the atmosphere,
The blue is made
Of Witty colloquialism.
The eggshell is whipped
Cream wonderfully
Adorning. An accent
Of smooth flavor.

Spread your arms and
Brush your cheek along
The jet stream.
Let the warmth flow
Into your soul and relax
Your inspired bones.

Reach your smooth
Palms to the
Concave ocean above
You. Cup it in your
Take it.
It is yours.

Do not fear that which is below
The earth that we tread,
The dust that we dread becoming,
It is a flurry of breezes,
Heat waves,
Drips of a faucet
A flood of fears only
to be washed away with time and art.

“And you and me”
We will keep on through the clouds,
twisting fast, low, kinetic;
We will be the brave pixies,
The stories will tell of us and Peter.

We will fly and duck and litter magic in our wake,
knowing that they will never catch us.


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