“What do you think about gravity?”


Yeah, you know it’s one of only a few things that can cross space time.”


“Meaning that the same gravity that’s pulling on your old, wrinkled ass right now
is the same gravity that pulled on the ass of George Washington
or Nikola Tesla.”

“And you think I’m supposed to be impressed?”

“Well isn’t it amazing?”

“Y’know what it is? It’s a proof of equality.”


“Just what you said. It pulls on my ass,

your ass,

this fuck-head President’s ass;

gravity pulls on all asses equally.”

“That’s… yes.”

So it’s one more thing in this universe that unites us

that we choose to dismiss because of our Ego.”

“Go on.”

“We don’t pay attention to it

because we all have some innate desire to be competitive with one another,

to be better than every other schmuck.

We can’t stand the idea that maybe we’re schmucks too;

not better,

not worse,

just all schmucks.”

“What if we’re none of us ‘schmucks’?”

“Trust me,

I’ve been around since nineteen-twenty,

you’re a



“ok. I know this is cliché but if everyone is a schmuck, no one is… right?”

“Exactly, kid, exactly.”


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