I Know Now That I’m Crazy

I know that I'm crazy. I woke up last night three in the morning, green light on the nightstand 3:14 my hand was outstretched toward the ceiling, and I knew I was crazy. I was reaching for a boy in the paint. I knew he was there I could see him not see him not … Continue reading I Know Now That I’m Crazy



Cloaked in silence, sitting, hunched in a deep quiet corner of my own body Holding the thought and desire for touch: a small purple glass ball, although it is a wary venture. Not a single one of you are ready to hear this, you don't care to know. As much as you preach your own … Continue reading Vampires

Dead Writers

"What is your process?" "Are you sure you wanna know?" "Yeah, actually." "I sit down to write, And every time like clockwork, they come flooding in. Four old, dead writers Whispering, screaming, at me speaking their own thoughts; And I can't stop them They have their own agendas dissatisfied pricks, So instead, I breathe, Give … Continue reading Dead Writers


a flower, a chipped black coffee table, the sound of breaking chocolate, the vibration of tumblers falling into place, a spoonful of honey, the mind burn of chapstick, the soft creak of an old rocking chair, the lingering smell of smoke mixed with dove soap and sweet mind toothpaste, a heavy blanket wrapping around, one … Continue reading Heaven

Caught in the Morning Light

Woke up shaking, not the sick shaking the soft lurid shake that comes when your soul has fallen off balance, took it in, bright sun, morning air, sheets blue duvet brown, newly published book right in my sight line from the crumpled mess of my body, mornings make you feel like a cheap piece of … Continue reading Caught in the Morning Light

You Want Sky (revisited)

Eyes enlightened to The blue, you desire To seek the truth, That grey is only a Blanket. That the Air is clean high up You know. Set your sights, You want the sky. -- Accept gravity And forces elevate intensity. Legs fold, Knees buckle Under axles and axioms. Nix the non-ethereal, Accept the azure And … Continue reading You Want Sky (revisited)

Little Figurine of a Lion (revisited)

You have wide eyes, they were probably supposed to be fierce, but I guess cultural differentiation and perspective allow me to see them as I will, old and filled with knowledge that could have once been applied but now sits silently with no pupil to hear of its secrets. Your face maybe snarled, once, but … Continue reading Little Figurine of a Lion (revisited)

A wave

The curious thing about people, human beings, other than their innate desire to take everything around them spin it thin and flexible, twist it up, and tie it around themselves, is the fact that every one of them: blue, green, brown, hazel, cataracts, the greased windows to the soul, every one of them: Cancer, HIV, … Continue reading A wave